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Current Central Arctic Ocean  Russian  Research Activities
"ARKTIKA-2007"  research expedition on board  RV "Akademik Fedorov",   "AARI Ice camp" and "North Pole-35" drifting research station

Comprehensive research of the Central Arctic Ocean (AO) are  sufficient national contribution of Russia to the joint efforts of the international scientific community on the study of the northern polar area during the International Polar Year 2007-2008. Particularly, in 2007 research in the Central Arctic Basin is provided by the organization on the drifting ice two research bases:  "AARI Ice Camp"   and  Drifting research station "North Pole-35" under support  of  RV "Akademik Fedorov" 

AARI Ice Camp

June 7 2007 in the period of the high Arctic expedition aboard nuclear icebreaker "Rossiya" on the drifting ice to the north of archipelago New Siberian Islands  AARI research camp was developed ("AARI Ice camp")  with 9 persons as members under the leadership   of the experienced polar researcher Visnevskiy A.A. The position of the development of the Camp- 80 57 N, 168 53 E. The personnel of the Camp was placed in the tents considering the summer conditions.
Scientific program of AARI Ice Camp included hydrometeorological research in the summer period in the central Arctic basin.  Particularly, essential attention was paid to the oceanographic research emphasizing the characteristics of the Atlantic water masses- as main source of heat to the Arctic.
While developing AARI Ice Camp it was suggested that under favorable conditions  such as low drift speed and ice flow safety the Camp will be set there. Neverethelss sufficient drift speed northwards and decreasing of ice flow to  100200 m caused to leave this idea and to start "AARI Ice Camp" recovery.
At August 22 at night RV "Akademik Fedorov "   approached the "AARI Ice Camp" and started recovery.  By 9 am on August 23 at the positions 84,9 N 172,4 E    the Russian Flag was drawn down, equipment and members of the Camp was loaded aboard  and then the vessel left for Tiksi.
At the Reid of Tiksi at August 28 the partial rotation of the expedition members  "ARKTIKA-2007"    will occur. Scientific equipment and 45 members of the expedition  , including the members of the drifting research station "North Pole-35", scientists from Roshydromet and RAS, foreign scientists from France,  Germany, USA and some mass media people   will arrive to Tiksi  by charter-flight  from Saint-Petersburg

During the drift  of "AARI Ice Camp" in the Arctic Ocean the sufficient amount of oceanographic, sea ice, meteorological and other investigations was conducted. In total 76 soundings of the ocean was accomplished. Water sampling from various depths using the bathometers and hydrochemical analysis of 47 samples were carried out. Using two acoustic Doppler profilers of currents the continuous number of observations of currents at different depths was obtained. Infrastructure of the closed ice camp and its members will join the members of the drifting research station "North Pole - 35"

Research drifting station "North Pole-35"

Research drifting station "North Pole-35" was founded on September 21 2007 on the ice floe to the north-east from Severnaya Zemlya archkipelago at  81°3 N and 103°,5 E. Operation was carried out with the  use of RV of AARI Roshydromet "akademik Fedorov" with the support of the nuclear icebreaker  "Rossiya". Total cargo weight supplyed by "Akademik Fedorov" for the organizatiojn of "NP-35"  was 343.9 tons.
Staf of  Research drifting station "North Pole-35"consists of 21 persons. The head of the station is Aleksey Visnevskiy. Staf consists of the spesialists: oceanologists,meteorologists, geophysicians, hydrochemists, and technicians.
Wide range of works is carried out at the station with the usage of modern oceanographic and geophysical equipment.  Gas exchange comples os used to trace the gas exhange on the boarder ocean-ice-atmosphere. Observations of the total ozone in the aptmosphere is of a great interest and obtatining the vertical profiles of its concentration. These observations are provided by the German geophysician Urgen Grasser from AWI (Potsdam division ).
For the first time the deep sea echolote is used to evaluate the sediment stratification in the layer sown to 200 meters below the bottom.

Besides, in the Central Basin the of the ARctic Ocean sea ice profilers, buoys for measurment of the balance of the drifting ice, autonomous meteorological buoys were set and others.  Organization of  Research drifting station "North Pole-35" and setting of measurement complexes aere cariied out in cooperation with foreign partners from USA , FRance and Germany under the realization of the Russian IPY cluster - "Complex research of the central Arctic Ocean " .

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